Tutor Suzy Dunser

Tutor Suzy Dunser

Tuesday Evening Class

6:30pm - 9:30pm with Suzy Dunser

Term 3: 24 July - 25 September 2018

Bookings open 8am, 25 June via Events Pronto.

This class is for students with some wheel experience, who are looking to improve their basic throwing techniques and try new forms. We will also cover glazing techniques this term, and how to mix a glaze test.

Depending on interest we may organize a class wood firing or pit firing towards the end of the term.

"I joined the ASP in 1995 when I moved to New Zealand, had a break from 1999-2005 (children and work), and have been involved continuously ever since. Iā€™m a member of the midfire and woodfiring groups, and am also the newsletter editor, as well as a class tutor.

I feel strongly that we need to relate to people using clay in all ways (not just studio potters) and foster connections between ourselves and related organisations and groups, while maintaining our role as a centre of excellence for learning ceramic skills".

- Suzy Dunser

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